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We are sitting at a restaurant, waiting for our driver, and I feel like I am constantly swaying-an after affect for not having been on land for over three days. This swaying, I learn will take about three days to go away and it still makes an appearance from time to time. As we finish off the last of our Bintang beers, our driver arrives and we say goodbye to our friends from the Al Iikai-bittersweet leaving the boat but ready to move on to new adventures. Our driver just so happens to have a sign looking for Mr/s Lyndsay Deeter…makes me laugh and Deeter doesn’t seem to think it’s so funny. We get stuck in Denpasar traffic, so it takes us a little longer-around three and a half hours to get there-just outside of Pekutatan on the Medewi cape at a hotel named Puri (house) Dajuma. Along the way we see some super scary traffic…plus it’s weird to be riding on the left side of the street-still not used to that one. There are hundreds of little shops and as we get further out of town we see rice patties interspersed…they are such a brilliant color of green with flags flapping in the breeze-really a site to see. The sun sets and we finally arrive in west Bali outside the town of Pekutatan at our resort Puri Dajuma. We are a little suspect and not certain this place actually exists when we end up with the surprise of our life…we have apparently booked this INCREDIBLE two bedroom villa on the beach. We have an open living room that lets us watch the sunset daily over the water, two bedrooms-seriously this place is almost as big as our apartment in Seattle. The bathrooms are outdoor stone showers. The next morning we get up and discover all the awesome things this place has to offer…or at least that was our plan. Instead we maybe ended up at the pool, with a couple drinks, spending the day lounging after our very vigorous and strenuous sailing adventure. We also perhaps had a three hour spa extravaganza that entailed massages and body scrubs and soaks…all at the lovely price of 60 dollars each. Then obviously room service was the logical progression of things:) Today we went surfing and turns out it’s safe to surf basically twenty yards from our villa…I think that will be a morning ritual here. Our surfing guide was pretty funny…he kept saying how tall Deeter is, how strong he is. It made me laugh out loud…pretty sure they think we are giants here…and yes he brought up the fast and the furious series and Vin Diesel too. He also wanted to know Deeter’s work out routine-he just wouldn’t let up. But he was a very nice guy and full of information! We went to the resort yoga class and are now settling in to watch the sunset out our living room window. I think we are gonna like it just fine here as long as Deeter remembers to duck every time he walks through a door!

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