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Updated: May 29, 2018

Our last day in Indonesia we packed up and left the Puri Dajuma. It was a little sad since we had totally settled into relaxing mode there…I mean the biggest problem for me there was remembering to brush my teeth…which might have been a little harder than I expected. But we headed off to Ubud-the alleged cultural center of Bali-in hopes of finding some souvenirs. We had our usual “tour guide” Juprey…he definitely left something to be desired every time we did something with him. He was fairly unknowledgeable about, oh, everything in Bali despite having lived there his entire life, nice enough guy though. Our first stop in Ubud was at a coffee plantation. This place is best known for its Lewak coffee…basically these Lewaks eat the best of the best of coffee and then they, um, digest them and it is then cleaned and made into coffee. It was obviously Deeter’s idea of heaven. We bought some teas and coffee…not the Lewak kind and were off for souveneirs. Then it was on to the airport. At this point, we decided we NEEDED a burger and so there was a Hard Rock Cafe…and while we basically avoid those like the plague at home, we headed straight in and burgers and wings all around were delicious! We had a layover in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and it was terrible!!! They have the worst international airpot-no where to sleep. We finally found a couple of benches in the food court and tried to sleep without getting noodles stuck on us. Then we were off to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Indonesia was just incredible. We got to see and experience so much of it…yet there is soooo much more to see! We saw incredibly remote areas, sailed around the Indian Ocean, met amazing people, amazing sunrises and sunsets, had phenomenal food and got to spend more than 8 days together without any pagers interrupting anything. It was one adventure after another and all of them were completely different-we are so fortunate to have had this experience and I can’t wait til we can come back!!

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