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Zion, Page, Antelope Canyon, and The Grand Canyon!

We left home after Deeter got off work Sunday afternoon and made the drive to Flagstaff to stay for the night, before heading to Utah. That night we feasted on pizza and wings at Streets of New York, and of course washed it down with a “couple” beers.

We got up early the next morning and started our drive to Zion National Park. Along the way we stopped at Glenn Canyon to take pictures and walk around the bridge. We made another brief stop in Colorado City ( a Mormon polygamist town) and the Five Wives Café to take more pictures.

hen it was off to Virgin, Utah where we set up camp. During our stay we would have many “interesting” neighbors at our camp ground. The weird dad and daughter, we hope. An entire Mormon boys church group. And of course the very hippy 2 girls and one guy, who ate fancy cheese and wine. The girls wore hipster dresses and did all the work while the guy did his best not to break a sweat.

The first day of our adventure took us to a slot canyon we hiked up and repelled down. There were some really long repels we did, and narrow crevices we to shimmy through.

To get to the slot canyon we had to drive through a small community called Hurricane, another Mormon polygamist town. It was beyond creepy!!! The houses were all unfinished with multiple 15 passenger vans out front. The women and girls were all outside working in long sleeve ankle length dresses with high necks. There was one very large house with a high cinderblock wall topped with pointy spikes around the property – CREEPY!!!

That night we grilled some steaks and made an awesome dinner. Our camp was not roughing it by any stretch of the imagination. We also took advantage of the pool and hot tubs J.

Later, we played canasta by our campfire and looked at the millions of stars overhead.

The second day at Zion we got up early to hike The Narrows. We rented walking sticks – which made the day so much easier. We hiked forever into this canyon, and it kept getting more and more beautiful. We finally turned around and headed back to camp. We had to get in the hot tub that night to defrost from the freezing water we had hiked in all day. We had another campfire and made some dinner before getting started on packing up camp for the following day.

The next morning we got another early start, this time for a hike to the top of Angel’s Landing. We took it slow at the top because it was high and narrow. The view from the top was incredible – you could see the entire park. On our way back to camp we stopped by the Emerald Pool and the Three Patriarchs.

We picked up camp and drove through Zion. We stopped at a buffalo ranch, where Deeter got a $23.00 buffalo burger, which I have to admit was delicious! We finished the drive to Page, Arizona that night. The next morning we went on our tour of Antelope Canyon. A fellow photographer lent me his tripod and we were off to take pictures.

The slot canyon was beautiful to say the least, and we got some amazing photographs.

Then we headed off to the Grand Canyon. We drove around to different scenic viewpoints before picking a spot to watch the sunset.

We headed back to Flagstaff that night and hung around town the next morning. We saw Hangover 3 before heading home.

I had such a great adventure with you on our first time camping together. I cant wait to go camping with you again!!!

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