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Viva Espana!

We made our way slowly but surely to Torremolinos. A two hour flight to Madrid, followed by a one hour flight to Malaga...a Taxi and we arrived only to find that Deeter’s grandparents (the octos) had been delayed in London. We made quick work of c heckling in and headed to grab some dinner. The next morning we were up early, to a beautiful sun above the Mediterranean Sea-a complete blue bird day...not a cloud in sight. Our patio overlooked the beautiful beach and palm trees...was a great place for breakfast, reading, yoga...just about any activity really.

After breakfast at a Hawaiian restaurant... we wandered to the top of the Calle San MIguel where there are tons of little shops and people. We then grabbed a ride into Malaga and found a delicious tapas place...sangria was also prettty tasty...before going to tour the Catedral de la Encarnacion de Malaga. A beautiful cathedral that I think rivals Notre Dame in Paris. We wondered the streets of Malaga and came across a PIcasso museum...turns out he was born in Malaga...who knew? We made our way through the museum and wondered back towards Torremolinos and then headed out to dinner prior to meeting up with the freshly arrived Ocotos! We me them for a drink...maybe two to celebrate Deeter’s birthday and then they wanted to introduce us to everyone they knew there...which is a lot of people. We finally made our way to bed!

We hosted breakfast the next morning with TV and the Octos. We dunked our feet in the Mediterranean Sea-it was pretty and clear but cold and with rocky beaches! We then tried to head out for some more Malaga adventures but ended up at a tapas place and then a nap before our planned dinner. We had picked an Italain restaurant for TV birthday...which after walking for thirty minutes, we found was closed until spring! So we found another street restaurant and putzed until the flamenco show was supposed to start. Turns wasn’t going to start until the next night. We got frustrated in that if we tried to plan or not plan...things just didn’t deem t work out right! So sorry for the poor planning in Spain!

TV left us on Saturday to head home and made all of her connections! We had breakfast and afternoon tapas with the Octos after walking along the beach for hours. We tried gamba piel piel and sometihing else with lots of tiny shrimp heads and eyeballs staring at me! We took a rest...Charlie’s Angels was on so I was pumped...then headed over for dinner with them in their apartment and some card playing. Deeter felt like crap so we went to bed in hopes of making him feel better! No such luck...the next day he was worse and we were able to see a doctor while in the hotel. He spent most of the day resting and Sandra and I went is her favorite sport! Two pair of shoes later and lots of groceries and delicious bottles of wine...we made it bac to the apartments.

We went to one last dinner with the Octos and met more of their friends and then had some tasty dessert from a l coal pastry shop.

We sadly said goodbye to the grateful to have had the chance to meet them here in this place they love so very much. It was great to see them here in their element, it was great to share it with TV as well...all in all glad we were able to make this trip this year and see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea! Our shuttle picks us up at 0355 in the morning to head out to Norway for the next adventure...albeit with a slightly different climate! Arctic Circle here we come!

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