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FACTS: An airplane bathroom is always a safe bathroom Toilet paper is a luxury item Traveling in Asia is crazy-there is no such thing as personal space or a line Boarding asian flights is a nightmare-like a moth to a flame-plus you better not be in the bathroom when your flight starts boarding, or man you are gonna miss your flight-this may or may not have happened in Surabaya, Java, Indonesia on our way to Kalimantan/Borneo Asian males are much more touchy feely with one another than I am used to You can learn a lot by looking at the pictures posted in the bathroom Asians are incredibly hard workers and take great pride in making sure they do their job well…it is impressive Asians are incredibly kind people who are curious to learn more about where you came from and get to know you-plus they get super excited when you try to learn things from them I’m not a fan of Malaysian airports in the middle of the night Indonesians put sugar(gula) in EVERYTHING Asians don’t like crust-they cut it off before even serving it Cambodia is hot…end of story Apparently, in Asia when the plane stops everyone can actually stand in the aisle of the plane at the same time…it’s a neat trick Vin Diesel/Fast and the Furious transcend all languages The number of people and things you can fit on a motorcylce is mind boggling Indonesians are scary scary drivers-and they drive on the wrong side of the road! We are giants..and I am white despite the glorious tan I have found We are the only ones who need the exit row extra leg room in this country There is a lot of suffering in the world-be it human or other animals, big or small and it just sucks Cambodia has the smartest way for motorcycles-they basically have their own road on the main roads Air Asia makes me cranky Apparently I don’t really chew gum here…kinda weird A smile will get you a long way Four faces of Hindu-love and kindness, sympathy, compassion, equality-these are depicted in the temples that have four faces on them each looking in a different direction I am so in love with my husband We are so fortunate to have the opportunity for this experience Chinese people take FOREVER to take pictures…it is seriously a fashion shoot every time someone wants a selfie-which is pretty often Indonesia Rupee-14,000 to one US dollar Cambodian Riel 4064 to one USD Thai Baht 35 to one US dollar Sri Lankan rupiah-140 to one USD Learning about China from Olivia and Brenda…man that place is a whole different world! It’s hard to find lotion without whitening stuff in it in Asia Sometimes you should ask what things are before you eat them Lady boys are everywhere and it is far more accepted in Thailand than the US Peacocks fly and dance I love laughing with my Deeter Trust your gut While the words safety first transcend all languages, I think the road signs leave something lost in translation in Sri Lanka There is a guy in Chiang Mai you can give directions by-he is an institution there and sits by the 7-11 and “sings” Simon and Garfunkel nightly…ri ri ri…ri ri ri It is hard to figure out which direction to look when crossing the street sometimes Sri Lankan pedestrian corssing signs look like they have a Sasquatch on them Traveling during the rainy season is just TERRIBLE:) Most cats in Indonesia have no tails Deeter is really funny Sri Lankans cannot pour a beer Love talking to Sri Lankans with their little head bob-reminds me of Shantaram Asian couples wear matching outfits a LOT when traveling, we are thinking about getting some There was always a buckle and no seat belt, or a seat belt and no buckle, but rarely both We got left unattended MULTIPLE times in cabs…apparently we look trustworthy We saw two dogs stuck together for two days in Sri Lanka Close your doors in Railay or the cheeky monkeys will make their way into your mini-bar We have the best people…and we miss them terribly We overpacked It’s overwhelming seeing all the animals being treated poorly…but then you figure they can’t quite take care of all their people so the animals probably aren’t going to fare well either We are so beyond fortunate to have had this opportunity together…overwhelmed by just how amazing these past three months have been Nothing quite like waking up with the sun rising over something magnificent Mother Nature was kind enough to share with us There are good and bad things everywhere I don’t know which direction is hot or cold on the faucet at home anymore Nothing better than adventuring with the love of my life…how did I get so lucky? Whether they be far away adventures or those in our backyard…I am the luckiest girl on earth

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