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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

We left Seattle in an attempt to get to Wichita fairly quickly and that plan promptly failed. Forrest fires in Oregon re-routed us through Montana and had us driving a day longer than expected. We arrived on Saturday the 15th around 6 pm and were welcomed by Tricky Vickie herself!!! We had a ton to do to get ready to leave the next morning so we started running errands. Eventually we were able to sit down for dinner and got to see my brother and meet his fiance and Anabell and Hailey!!! So excited for them to join the family:)

After another night of very little sleep we made it to the airport with PLENTY of time to spare…any of you who have traveled with Mike know missing a flight is never a concern. We met Lisa, Jodi, Anne and John at the airport in Cancun after two short flights and made our way to our rental house. It is beautiful-sits right on the beach with a pool and incredible views from every bedroom! We had dinner prepared for us the first night for John’s birthday and got straight to celebrating. It was that night we discovered all of the sea turtle nests around our house. They started hatching that night and have every night since. As I was walking out to give Wilbur (our security guy) a sandwich, I almost stepped on three baby turtles crawling on our patio-to which I immediately called action-plan to the group. That sprung everyone into action and the video attached is the craziness that followed as we scooped up tons of little turtles and helped set them free with the Beach Turtle Police who comb the beach nightly waiting for nests to hatch. Be warned the video is kind of Blair Witch Woods-esque-Muffin maybe you should just listen to the video:)

The rest of the days have been filled with relaxing, sun, snorkeling with sea turtles and sting rays, spear fishing with Marcos and lots of the game Head’s Up…turns out I’m not very good at giving clues for certain categories, but man can Lisa hum some seriously good clues! We are headed to the ruins in Tulum today-can’t wait to see what adventures that brings with such a great group to travel with!

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