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Playa Encuentro and La Boca

Monday, we returned to Playa Encuentro for some more surfing. Olsen was able to get up on her own for the first time, she was stoked. We both spent some time riding waves in the outer breaks.

That afternoon we followed some sketchy directions to La Boca where we were told we could find a restaurant with the best sea food in all The DR. After an adventurous ride on the Susucki we met a shotgun wielding security guard at the end of a long dirt road. The owner, Wilson, had to come get us in a little boat to take us across the river mouth to his shack of a restaurant.

Deeter had a Presidente and of course Olsen had a piña colada filled pineapple, both were cold and delicious. We ate the most amazing parrot fish, crabs, aroz, and platanos. We felt bad about the crabs because they were so small, but didn’t want to seem wasteful, so we cracked them open to look like we ate them. To be polite of course.

It was the cutest, most out of the way place we have ever eaten and it was delicious. We spent time walking along the beach collecting mahogany seeds and a piece of drift wood before tempting fate on the susucki for the ride back to the hotel. We spent the rest of the day on the beach by the hotel and ate dinner at Sandra’s again.

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