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Updated: Oct 2, 2018

We landed in London and thanks to some sweet fast track passes, we were able to bypass the longest customs line ever! We took the express train to Paddington Square and then a cab (where I took a nap) to the Tower of London. It was great London weather…so rainy and cold…which cut our tour short.

We did see inside the royal chapel, the torture chambers (turns out they only tortured around 40 prisoners there), the armory and the grounds before calling it quits. We tried to make friends with some Beefeaters, they wanted to be friends I could tell, but their professional duties kept them from being very nice at all. Deeter wanted to make sure it was noted that women were allowed to be Beefeaters before sailors…so it’s noted:) We found a little English pub and planned on fish and chips…but they were out so we settled on some tea and beer and some other snacks. A quick stop by Buckingham…no invite for tea with the queen…lame…and we were back at the airport and ready to head out!!!!

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