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Marcos Antonio, aka el Jefe, who takes great care of us and is an all around great guy took the boys spear fishing. Although Jo-Nathan thought it was a joke at first, they swam about a mile out into the ocean and went free diving with Marcos and his buddy. They caught langostinos, lobsters, crab and fish. Attached is the film demonstrating Marcos’ amazing free dive capabilities…his only wish is to now go out and show these gringos that he can go even deeper:) From watching all the video Deeter took-it was one hell of a swim out there and I am amazed that these fellas dove as deep as they did. While they were doing that, us ladies made sure to hold down the fort at the house.

We went to some ruins in Tulum on Tuesday and somehow found ourselves at a roadside restaurant with swings at the bar. We ate the most secret sauce shrimp tacos and managed to find some pretty sweet pineapple drinks.

Yesterday we went with David from Akumal Natural Wonders to Sac Atun Cenotes yesterday and although the name of the cenote, Pet Cemetery, was somewhat daunting it proved to be beautiful. We swam through some cavernous areas…so that was slightly terrifying for me as I know there were giant fish just waiting to make their move:) And there was the added surprise of night birds…not bats because obviously such a thing does not exist…and the night birds were everywhere! I’m sure David thought we were crazy but it was an amazing tour and for the vast majority we had the entire cenote all to ourselves-it was mesmerizing! He then took us to an above ground cennote where we could explore-again amazing!

We had to get back to the house then because we had arranged for massages on the beach in our little cabana in our backyard. So after the most relaxing hour massage we were then off to dinner at La Beuna Vida. This little place on the beach in Akumal was perfection…right on the beach, delicious food and drinks. I ate bacon wrapped shrimp with cream cheese in a bisque…incredibly decadent and had the most amazing grilled vegetables. It was impossible to order a bad meal! This place had swings and tree houses. We ate and enjoyed the ocean breeze and amazing company. Then it was back to the house with our amazing driver Richard who seems to have an infinite amount of patience with us.

Today we are thinking we may venture to Playa del Carmen, but we will see where the day takes us. I mean we did leave the house two whole times yesterday so we were pretty proud of ourselves and we don’t want to push it too hard:) We are so fortunate to be here with these people…amazing friends and amazing adventures…we could definitely get used to this!

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