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The rest of our time in Chiang Mai has been great! One day it rained and we were incredibly lazy!! I took the longest nap ever and Deeter got all of our pictures and video uploaded. That night we went to dinner with some friends we met from the hotel. However, we felt like we were playing the Amazing Race trying to find the place to meet up with them for dinner! But, we eventually found them. They took us to a local restaurant and we ate the best food! They also introduced me to lemon shakes which are like a very fine slushie with a light lemon flavor and not very sweet-they are a new staple in my life! We found some cool little shops with some more antiquated stuff and Deeter found a sword or two!

Our last full day in town we did a walking tour of the Old City. We took a tuk tuk to the main gate and walked around the moat. We checked out three Wats (temples). Wat Chedi Luang, What Phra Singh and the oldest temple in the city…which I can’t for the life of me remember the name right now.

We also ate our way through another market-basically doing a food tour. We have eaten so many great dishes here-the green curry, massaman curry, any noodle dish, I’m obsessed with the tom ka and tom yum soup, the street meat is heavenly and I have a mango date with Deeter at least once a day!

The people here are incredibly nice and offer a smile very easily. It has a midwestern/smaller city feel, even though we are in a city of 2 million right now. Now we are sitting in the airport, awaiting our flight to Bangkok. We will leave tomorrow (Sunday) morning for Sri Lanka for almost two weeks before we come back to Thailand to finish exploring this great place!

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