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Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Thursday morning we finally turned west and started the drive back to Reykjavik.  We stopped along the way to see the must see Gulfoss waterfall (an impressive display), the original geysir-basically it's where all other geysers name originated and watched the little one erupt a couple of times, a volcanic crater and then Thingvellir, the location of Iceland's original parliament and the only place on earth you can see the splitting of the tectonic plates!  All in all-an incredible day spent in awe of mother nature's playground!

We stayed in Reykjavik and made dinner in our hotel/apt that night and had vegetables for the first time in what seemed forever!  The water in the showers and faucets smelled a little like a hot spring-Deeter was worried if we drank too much of it we might smell like farts...thankfully we avoided that catastrophe!

The next day brought four wheeling out north of Reykjavik and exploring the city center.  The church was near us and we were able to go explore-apparently there are some 15000 pipes in the organ!  For dinner we discovered a little place that had the most delicious lobsters!  We had some lobster soup and salad-decided that we would be stopping by here again! 

Saturday we went on a puffin tour and saw some...though this was not a terribly impressive outing.  They are so cute though I'm convinced they have to work harder than any other bird to fly-there is no gliding anywhere for them and their little arms just have to work sooooo hard!!!

We then headed towards the Blue Lagoon.  As we closed in on the lagoon, the sulphur smell met us head on.  The blue of the water was beautiful and a stark contrast to the lava rock that surrounded it.  The place in and of itself was incredibly high tech with the wrist band system.  The lagoon was beautiful...and thankfully for Deeter not too hot!  We spent a relaxing evening there and then were off to our hotel.

We spent the night closer to the airport and repackaging since our flight left early the next morning.  And even though we had been there for a little over a week, the fact that it was still Iight all the time still managed to sneak up on us-so hard to remember that the day is slipping away and before you know it-it's midnight!

We fly out early tomorrow and head to Copenhagen where we will meet up with Lisa Meekins!  This place has been an amazing adventure!  The people were very nice...but hard to get to know as they are so sparse and separated from one another!  The stark contrast of all the scenery never ceased to amaze me.  It truly seemed like one second I was in a green, mossy area and the next surrounded by a ton of lava rocks equivalent to being on the moon.  Such a unique area that I am so excited we got the opportunity to explore...until our next frozen tundra adventure Icelandia!!!

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